Northern WI's choice for Sporting Clays, Trap & Pistol shooting

Vendors at MEC’s Great Northern Side-by-Side Classic

Our vendors are ready to celebrate everything side by side with you, our shooters and guests. Get personal time socializing and shopping with vendors who are as passionate about side-by-side’s as you are. Thank you for supporting these vendors who help make the Classic a success.

Ammo For Sale: 

  • B & P will have shells to sell at the event. Contact them directly with your needs.
  • RST Classic Shot Shells will send shells or be present. Please plan accordingly.
  • Shells ‘R Us LLC: 262.707.3548
  • Note: We certainly cannot to speak to the application of using shells not specifically designed for your specific shotgun. Polywad Company might be a choice for anyone needing specific shells. Thanks for your understanding.

These vendors are expected to return to the Great Northern Side-by-Side Classic again: